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About Us

Esteemed Natural food Seeker, Greetings of the Day! Noor Natural TM is a government recognised unit sponsored by Khadi and Village Commission of India located at Saffron Town Pampore Kashmir. Established in March 2021, Noor Natural is a processing and packaging unit awarded with Zed Certification for maintaining Quality. Noor Natural is Providing jobs to rural unemployed youth and home based work to villagers. So we are trying our best to provide the Natural foods in it's natural way, without adulteration or any other chemical as a preservative. 100% Natural Natural Food Benefits. Everything needs time to find its value. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are essential as they are a powerhouse of nutrients that provides a number of health benefits. In this fast-paced world, you are always looking for some shortcuts even when it comes to food. So, dry fruits and nuts can be a healthy and delicious snack for your tummy in between your meals. They are highly nutritious and rich in proteins, vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals with lots of benefits. Saffron is called the Queen of spices because of its divine aroma and long lasting fragnance plus used as anti depressant, anxiety and mostly used for energy booster, immune booster or we can call Saffron as a Divine Gift for a number of health related issues. Noor Natural Foods is a processing and packaging unit for Saffron, Dryfruits and other Natural Products. We Belive in quality and long term relationship with our esteemed customers . We Love to provide Natural Kashmiri Origin Saffron and other Natural foods like Almonds,Walnuts, Dry apricot, Anjeer, Cashews ,Raisins, Pistachios ,Himaliyan Shilajit, Raw spices, Wild Morel Mushrooms(Guchchi) Natural Saffron, Kesar Honey and Saffron Kehwa Tea with Rose Petals Sugar free. is one of our most loved product of our existing consumers. Now we are happy that we are online too as one stop shop to order any dry fruit or Saffron . We will be happy to provide you one of the finest quality Dryfruits, Shilajit Honey and Saffron at your door step. We work under MSME Zed Certification. We undertake to conform to the values of zero defect zero effect in our Enterprise and ensure that our processes shall be environmentally sound and socially responsible with safe and high quality products. We will give back, in every way we can to our people to our community and to our planet. Thank you for being here. We welcome your order. We Wish you sound and Natural Health. Noor Natural Foods Natural Way of Health +91 7780911793 +91 9070610074 Saffron Town Pampore Kashmir.